Activities for Life designs therapeutic recreation programs for New Yorkers. Our programs are constructed to help people effectively cope with an illness or disability through enjoyable and meaningful activities. We believe that recreation has the ability to "re-create" a person's life.

Our recreation programs are individually tailored to help our clients live the life they want, and love it!


"It has been my pleasure to work with Marni Rose which I have done for the past eight years. Marni has shown a great intuitive capacity with clients and has created many different program activities for seniors. She is flexible which is demonstrated in her ability to change course when the recipient is either uninvolved or is distracted. Marni has the ability to work with a wide range of seniors and develop program activities for high functioning seniors to seniors diagnosed with dementia. And in all cases she is patient, caring and very supportive of the client. She would be a strong asset to any program or individual and is highly regarded by her peers.”

- Susan Ross, Geriatric Care Manager

"Activities for Life, that is Marni Rose, has become an essential part of our elderly mother's support system as she approaches one hundred years old. Visiting weekly and more, interacting personally when she's not feeling up to going out or the weather is poor; planning and taking her to activities such as museums, shows, or just a trip for a frozen yogurt - this is a huge resource that makes all the difference in the quality of life of an aging person. What makes it special, and work is Marni - who has gotten to know our mother as a close friend and who, besides providing stimulus and attention, is also a loving individual, and another observant set of eyes and ears in the household, able to assess what's going on with the aides and medical situation as well."

- Michael Popkin, family member of client since 2010

Our Founder, Marni Rose was interviewed by Sammi-T of

"As a journalist, I often meet amazing people with incredible stories. One of the best parts about my job is the fact that I get to hear their stories and learn more about their lives.

I recently met and talked to Marni Rose, who is the woman behind Activities For Life NY, an organization that offers recreational activities for seniors and people with disabilities. Her kind heart and spirit captivated me so much that I feel she is deserving of being recognized as one of TVGrapevine's Amazing Women. Here is a more in depth look at her story...."

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