Our clients are given goals to strive for as they work with us.

These are a few examples of goals we set for our clients:

✴ Encourage life long learning and exploration.

✴ Maintain interest and strengths in already established hobbies.

✴ Promote creativity.

✴ Increase self esteem and confidence in recreation.

✴ Contribute to optimal and positive aging regardless of health status.

✴ Provide opportunities for cognitive, physical and social stimulation.

✴ Involve care giving team in recreation activities to strengthen bond and create meaningful interactions.


We have experience working with the following medical conditions:

Alzheimer's Disease
Mental Disabilities
Parkinson's Disease
Physical Disabilities
Strokes/Traumatic Brain Injuries

A detailed introduction and assessments are done with the client, as well as with the care giving team to clarify interests, tailor activities, and set goals.

  Examples of Theraputic Programs include:  

Cognitive Stimulation
Board & Card Games
Brain Gymnastics- quizzes, word puzzles
Current Event Discussions
Outings to Historical or Meaningful Places
Personalized Activity Books
Reading Groups
Creative Writing and Poetry

Creative Arts
Drawing & Painting
Jewelry Making
Textiles: knitting, quilting, sewing

Art Lectures
Classic Movies and TV Shows
Museum Trips
Religious Outings and Celebrations

Daily Living Skills
Therapeutic Gardening- In & Outdoors
Meal Preparation and Cooking
Outings to Restaurants & Picnics
Shopping Trips

Mind and Body Strengthening
Gentle Stretching
Guided Relaxation
Dance and Movement to Music
Therapeutic Walks

Music Appreciation
Improvisational Music & Song Making
Sing-Along to Music from your favorite era
Concert Outings

Oral Histories
Creative Scrapbooks/Memory Books
Organizing Family Letters and Mementos

Tactile and Sensory Stimulation
Hand Massage
Pet Therapy


Our strength based activities are geared towards meeting goals and creating meaningful, stimulating and enjoyable experiences for our clients. All programs are individually tailored to suit and enrich our clients interests and abilities. We are dedicated to building upon our client's cognitive, physical and social skills.