“Excellent service, great value! The feedback I have received from my clients on Marni’s services is great. I wish that she was around years ago.”

- Brian Raphan
Eldercare Lawyer & Guardian


“Of all my colleagues, I don’t know anyone who combines creativity, sweetness, energy, caring, fun, and smarts life Marni. I hope there is someone like her around for me and my loved ones when we’ll need it.”

- Sarah Nazimova-Baum, LCAT
Creative Art Therapist





“Ms. Kay has brought creativity, sensitivity and knowledge of a variety of modalities in her work with my clients. She has engaged and stimulated both clients and caregivers, so that the activities and engagement with clients continues after therapy.
Ms. Kay’s work has significantly enhanced the well being and functioning of my clients. I would highly recommend her.”

- Leonie Nowitz, LCSW, BCD
Geriatric Care Manager

“There was nothing worse than coming to visit my mom and seeing her blank faced in front of the TV, zoning out to Judge Judy no less. It broke my heart week after week until I found AFL. Once an avid Pinochle and mahjong player, she stopped playing as her dementia slowly crept in. Plus at the age of 93, her friends were around less, and she too was less mobile.
AFL found ways bring my mom’s hobbies back.
Back in the day she look forward to bi-weekly card games w her lady friends: setting up the whole house for their arrival, peanuts, beverages, flowers. Maybe a cigarette or two. Now, nothing remained of this weekly habit. AFL made me realize it wasn’t all about her 10 or 20 cent win at the end of the night, it was her weekly joy. She still could have her weekly game, but with different rules. AFL came twice a week as her new game partner...and manipulated the games to accommodate my mother’s condition. She still looked forward to her 10 cent win, peanuts and gossip. My mom was happy again. Thank you.”

- Peter
son of client

“Marni is a pleasure to work with and creates an atmosphere around her that engaged others with her strong sense of compassion. Marni is an excellent role model and continues to impress me with her patience and ability to work well with a diverse range of people.”

- George Jagatic
Dance Therapist